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Henry Allingham WWI contest[edit]

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This contest, named the Henry Allingham World War I International Award, aims to promote and improve article quality within the World War I Military history task force and increase project members' level of activity by organizing a form of friendly competition. It also attempts to be a small step in the preparation of the World War I centenary drive. The contest will have three rounds, each lasting one month, in which points will be given for improving articles. It strongly resembles the Military history WikiProject and Aviation WikiProject contests, as well as the WikiCup.

At the end of the first round, in which all World War I task force members are invited to participate, only the top 12 ranked editors will advance to the second round. After the second round, the top 6 ranked editors will advance to the final round. When the contest is won, special awards will be placed on their user talkpage and their username will appear in the monthly Military history WikiProject newsletter. The first-place winner will also receive the WikiChevrons with Oak Leaves from the project coordinators. There is also a special award (plus Roger Davies' 250$ bounty) for the user who promotes the World War I article to Featured status.

Entering the contest[edit]

  1. Sign up at Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/World War I task force/Contest/Submissions.
  2. Wait for your personal submissions page to be created at Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/World War I task force/Contest/Submissions/YOURUSERNAME, or create it yourself with the information at Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/World War I task force/Contest/Submissions.
  3. Enter articles you work on at your submissions page.
  4. Every two days during the contest, the articles will be evaluated and points will be awarded based on their standing in the project's quality scale before and after the improvements made.

Contest rules[edit]

To get points for article or other featured content work, the article must fall under the World War I task force scope (i.e. be tagged with WPMILHIST banner and assessed for the WWI task force), and you must submit the article's information on your submissions page.

  • To receive points for Article Improvement (Level Ups), the article must have been recently assessed prior to your article improvements. This determines beginning class. In other words, points are given for improving the article, which results in a change in class, not for simply adding the checklist or changing the class to suit the current article state. (Note: Exceptions to this rule are articles above B-Class; these have individual review processes which determine class and do not require the checklist.)
  • Articles or other media raised to any other status (Featured or Good) must have been nominated and passed/promoted during the contest period.
  • Don't overload the WP:FAC, WP:GAN, Milhist A-Class review and Peer review systems.
  • New articles written for Did you know? must have been written and nominated during the individual round.
  • You must have written and nominated your In the news fact during the individual round.
  • To find the "Wikipedia Page Statistics of the Article", go here, change the drop down list to "en-wikipedia", and enter the article. Only the judges will use the link to see the page statistics.


The points are awarded in the following way:
Initial article assessment Complete B-Class checklist Peer review Did you know? In the news Featured list Featured picture Featured sound Featured topic Good topic Article Creation and Improvement
.1 .1 1 5 5 40 40 40 10 per article in topic 5 per article in topic See next table
Article Creation and Improvement Points (Level Ups)
Ending class
Stub Start B GA A FA
Create 1 2 5 20 30 50
Stub 1 4 18 27 45
Start 3 16 24 40
B 14 21 35
GA 18 30
A 25


User Assess Checklist Review DYK ITN FL FP FS FT GT Create & Improve Score
Romania Eurocopter 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Personal submission page[edit]

Article Creation and Improvement[edit]

Initial article assessments: .1 Pts[edit]

Complete B-Class checklist: .1 Pts[edit]

Submit a peer review: 1 Pts[edit]

DYK: 5 Pts[edit]

ITN: 5 Pts[edit]

FL: 30 Pts[edit]

FP: 35 Pts[edit]

FS: 35 Pts[edit]

FT: 10 Pts per article in topic[edit]

GT: 10 Pts per article in topic[edit]

Notice template[edit]

Sign up for the contest, the first round begins 11 November 2009, 00:00 UTC! The current date and time is 20 October 2017 T 22:17 UTC.Purge

Test your World War I knowledge with the Henry Allingham International Contest![edit]

Henry Allingham in 1916.jpg

As a member of the Military history WikiProject or World War I task force, you may be interested in competing in the Henry Allingham International Contest! The contest aims to improve article quality and member participation within the World War I task force. It will also be a step in preparing for Operation Great War Centennial, the project's commemorative effort for the World War I centenary.

If you would like to participate, please sign up by 11 November 2009, 00:00, when the first round is scheduled to begin. You can sign up here, read up on the rules here, and discuss the contest here. --


Sopwith Schneider.jpg

You are one of the twelve editors advancing into the second round of the Henry Allingham World War I Contest. The second round started at 00:00, 29 December and ends 23:59, 31 January. The top six ranked players at the end of this stage will advance into the final round of the contest so keep up the good work! --Eurocopter (talk) 17:26, 29 December 2009 (UTC)


Goldwiki with poppy.png
Henry Allingham World War I International Contest
1st edition (11 November 2009 - 11 March 2010)

Silverwiki with poppy.png
Henry Allingham World War I International Contest
1st edition (11 November 2009 - 11 March 2010)

Bronzewiki with poppy.png
Henry Allingham World War I International Contest
1st edition (11 November 2009 - 11 March 2010)

WWI contest service award 3stripe.png
Congratulations on reaching the finals of the
Henry Allingham World War I International Contest
Thank you for your great performance and
your valuable contributions to the project!
1st edition (11 November 2009 - 11 March 2010)


  • list of colours here. You can replace the colour name with a hex triplet, eg darkred -> #8B0000.
  • list of fonts here
  • if you want the box to float on the page, add float: right; (or left) into the first style definition like so: {|style="float: right; border-style: solid;...


  • 265 initial article assessments done
  • 365 B-class checklists completed
  • 5 new Peer Reviews submitted
  • 43 new DYKs + 1 new ITN
  • 5 new FPs + 1 new FL
  • 2 new Good Topics
  • 99 reviews of FAC/ACR/GAN
  • 238 article improvement level ups, of which:
    • 22 GAs
    • 13 As
    • 6 FAs