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Stub-Class article Articles created[edit]

2012: Morley Drive • Gnangara Road • Tourism in Perth • List of road routes in Western Australia (merged content) • Winthrop Avenue • Black Swan (dredge) • Kings Square, Fremantle • Queens Square, Fremantle • Thomas Street, Perth • Loftus Street
2013: Graylands Hospital • Swan District Hospital • Joondalup Health Campus • Midland Health Campus • Armadale Kelmscott District Memorial Hospital • Rockingham General Hospital • Highway 1 (Western Australia) • Highway 1 (Northern Territory) • Highway 1 (Queensland) • Highway 1 (New South Wales) • Highway 1 (Victoria) • Highway 1 (Tasmania) • Clackline Bridge • Guildford Road • Freopedia (over cross-namespace redirect) • Tourist Drives in Western Australia (and 57 redirects) • Major roads in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia
2014: Clackline Brook • Major roads in the Mid West region of Western Australia • Major roads in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia • Seventh Avenue Bridge • Clackline School • List of road routes in Tasmania (split content) • List of road routes in Queensland (merged content) • Major roads in the Pilbara region of Western Australia • Moondyne Festival • Major roads in the Kimberley region of Western Australia • List of road routes in Victoria • List of road routes in the Northern Territory • Avro Anson Memorial • Clackline Refractory • Clackline Nature Reserve • William Milligan (disambiguation)‎ • Manning Road, Perth • Kenwick Link • Robertson Drive • City of Perth Library • History of Fremantle Prison • List of executions at Fremantle Prison • Architecture of Fremantle Prison • Margaret River Perimeter Road • Staff and prisoners of Fremantle Prison • Garratt Road Bridge
2015: Riots at Fremantle Prison • Swan River Pedestrian Bridge
2016: Perth Freight Link • Fremantle Eastern Bypass

Did You Know? Did you know? facts[edit]

2012: Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle DYK • Black Swan (dredge) DYK • High Street, Fremantle / Kings Square, Fremantle DYK
2013: Clackline Bridge DYK • Guildford Road DYK
2014: Nerang–Broadbeach Road DYK • Avro Anson Memorial DYK • Garratt Road Bridge DYK

Good article Good Articles[edit]

2013: Mitchell Freeway • The Causeway • Kwinana Freewaynow FA • Tonkin Highway • Great Eastern Highwaynow FA • Forrest Highwaynow FA
2014: Clackline Bridgenow FA • Great Northern Highway
2015: Fremantle Prisonnow FA • Albany Highway • North West Coastal Highway • History of Fremantle Prison
2016: Architecture of Fremantle Prison • Eyre Highway

A-Class article A-Class Articles[edit]

2013: Mitchell Freeway • Kwinana Freewaynow FA • Tonkin Highway
2014: Great Eastern Highwaynow FA
2015: Great Northern Highway

Featured article Featured Articles[edit]

2013: Today's featured article for 22 September 2013 Kwinana Freeway (TFA 22/09/13)
2014: Today's featured article for 16 June 2014 Great Eastern Highway (TFA 16/06/14) • Today's featured article for 30 August 2014 Clackline Bridge (TFA 30/08/14)
2015: Forrest Highway • Fremantle Prison

Template Templates and modules[edit]

2012: Jct subtemplates (since rewritten by others in Lua): {{Jct/shield/AUS}} • {{Jct/abbrev/AUS}} • {{Jct/link/AUS}} • {{Jct/link/AUS/state}} • {{AUshield}} • {{AUshield/core/}} • {{WAcity}} • {{WAcity/core}} • {{WA road routes}} • {{WA road routes/R}}
2013: {{Hospitals in Perth}} • {{AUSintcore}} / various intersate versions of {{AUS-WAint}} • {{traffic volume top}}, {{traffic volume row}}, and {{traffic volume bottom}} • {{AusplacesnamedbyFrench}}
2014: {{WikiTown banner core}} • {{Cathead on road}} • {{SA road routes}} • {{Today's articles for improvement}} • {{TAFI ping list}} • {{Population distribution}}
2015: {{cs1 wrapper}} • Module:Uses Wikidata • {{Tracks Wikidata}}
2016: {{Cite MRWA map}} • {{Bus route table}}

Wikipedia page Other pages[edit]

2013: Australia road sign W5-29.svg Portal:Australian roads
2015: Help:Attached KML

File Photos, videos and graphics[edit]

My uploads to Commons • My uploads to en.wikipedia • Maps I've made

Non-article page Userspace content[edit]

All subpages

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Evad37 (disambiguation)

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Evad37 may refer to:
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EVAD37, a highway classification system
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E37, a highway linking Perth, Western Australia, with Vad, Cluj County, Romania
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Evadville Tourist Route 37, a scenic drive across across Australia
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Evadacious, the platypus football player from the television show 37th Street
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Eastern Valleys And Dales, the 37th region of Western Australia
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Cullacabardee Airport (ICAO code EVAD37), located in Perth's northern suburbs
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Evader Zem, the world's 37th richest person, with a net worth of more than 12 centillion DYK
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Evad v3.7, the friendly automatically-patrolling robotic watchdog
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Perth's Theorem,
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sourcE37, a retro word processor using simple markup that is fast, powerful, and easy to use (once you get the hang of it)
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"Empirically Validate All Directives", the 37th law of robotics
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