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Clacklinepedia is a collection of information on Wikipedia (and sister sites) related to Clackline, Western Australia, listed here by Evad37 [talk]. It is unlikely to have it's own QR-tagging project (as in WP:Freopedia or WP:Toodyaypedia) due to its limited scope, but perhaps could be part of a larger project.


  • Creation of notable Clackline-related articles
Recently created articles: Clackline Bridge (1 Dec 13‎), Clackline Brook (19 Jan 14‎), Clackline School (23 Mar 14‎), Avro Anson Memorial (20 May 14), Clackline Refractory (23 May 14), Clackline Nature Reserve (3 Jun 14)
  • Improvement in article quality to B-Class or higher (Clackline-specific articles) / C-Class or higher (more general articles)

Clackline-specific articles[edit]

Start-Class article Clackline, Western Australia (main article)

More general articles[edit]

Non-article pages[edit]