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Me with wine barrels

I'm Evan Prodromou, an American writer and programmer born on October 14, 1968 and currently living in Montreal, Quebec.

I am one of the founders of Wikitravel ( ), the free, complete, up-to-date and reliable world-wide travel guide inspired by Wikipedia and running the MediaWiki software.

I'm also the founder of the wikiclock, of, Vinismo,, and You can see more about me on my user page there or on my personal page at

The first edit I know I did (anonymously) is here, which I guess means I've been working on Wikipedia for 10 years now. My main interest in Wikipedia is improving the overall general knowledge coverage of the work. I usually just use the Special:Randompage browser to pop around the site looking at things I didn't know I was interested in. When I see a dreaded red link for something that catches my interest, which I think I could contribute to, I pop it open and write the page.

For longer stuff, I add it to my TODO list and get to it when I can. I also have a tools page with those little bits of code and data that you seem to have to find over and over and over again.

My secret goal is to learn more. Writing a Wikipedia article about stuff I don't already know gives me a chance to expand my horizons.

Mostly my contributions so far have dealt with American history and geography, because it's stuff I know from school, and because it should really be there and it's not. I'm trying to branch out, though -- I'm really interested in documenting some of the World Heritage Sites.

I also have my own sandbox.

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