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Winter is Coming
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On Wikipedia[edit]

I am best described as an arbiter.

Having gotten some experience in settling disputes and directing arguments, I have decided to embark on a journey as an aspiring cabalist. Henceforth, I will be available to mediate cases of dispute.

In person[edit]

I am a computational theorist.


I am a currently undergoing a Specialist of Computer Science: Software Engineering program at the University of Toronto.


Please do not mind this bare page. Feel free to add more information if you know me well enough.


I am currently working on my project regarding Wikipedia. Recently, I had sought a credible academic source for citation and interview. The interview is located here at User:Evanx/Interview .

In addition, I am keeping a copy of the How NOT to steal a SideKick 2 article here at User:Evanx/Backup in the case of a deletion.

A sample article for my project will be located at User:Evanx/UofT.