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Born American, raised Episcopalian, converted to Christian Orthodoxy over fifteen years ago.

I know the Answer to life, the universe, and everything: Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Or at least I know Him as well as my feeble frame and condition of soul allow. As for answers, well, I have accumulated a few tidbits of knowledge here and there, and perhaps they might answer a few small inquiries. I like a really good question better, though, as those open up lines of inquiry, exploration, vistas, and that gives life room to search and grow. Best of all are those really big questions that never really get answered in full, for those are full of life. Which is the point where one needs to refer back to the Answer and cycle again.

I like looking outside the box, and dislike lack of vision and legalism. I value courtesy highly and therefore disdain political correctness. I am orthodox yet unconventional, traditional yet unconservative, rigorous yet flexible, a thinker yet not a pedant. I love paradox but not contradiction, mystery but not concealment, honesty but not belligerence, cooperation not competition, and many kinds of puzzles you can't quite get your arms around. I think Wikipedia is more than a fine idea; it's also practical and thrives on good will and freedom (together, inseparably). And I do love the environment when a win is not a win unless it's a win-win-win-win-win.