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I am an evolutionary biology graduate. I was a philosophy student (and graduate) in a past life.

I've made some contributions to Wikipedia articles. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and note that these pages may have changed beyond recognition since; I'm not keeping track. My most active period was before 2008 or so, after which time I was busy studing biology...


Akrasia - Aristotelian logic - Bivalence and related laws - Divine command theory - Doctrine of double effect - Existentialism and Humanism - Fatalism - Gettier problem - Hume's fork - Inconsistent triad - J. L. Mackie - Meditations on First Philosophy - Mere addition paradox - Modus ponendo tollens - Modus tollendo ponens - Moral skepticism - Occasionalism - Omnipotence paradox - Omniscience - Person - Peter Unger - Positive liberty - Pre-established harmony - Punishment - Reasons and Persons - Square of opposition - Suicide - The problem of Hell - Trolley problem - Virtue ethics

TV, Film, literature, and music:[edit]

Bound - Citizen X - Count Duckula - Dead Can Dance - Evanescence - Holy Wood - In a Station of the Metro - Kiefer Sutherland - Late Night Poker - The Master of Go - The Metamorphosis - The Truman Show

Politics and law:[edit]

Diamond v. Chakrabarty - Gene Robinson - Griswold v. Connecticut - Henry Spira - Kenny Richey - Leah Betts - Romer v. Evans - Sony Corp. v. Universal City Studios - Timetable For Action


Bad beat - Bolo - Game of chicken - GNU Go - Halo: Combat Evolved - PartyGaming

Science and maths:[edit]

Buddhabrot - Chimera - Oph 162225-240515 - Stable marriage problem


Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 - Linate Airport disaster - Project Pigeon - S.S. Richard Montgomery - Wild Haggis