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About Me:[edit]

Ramkumar, Just a normal person, from Chennai, India. With primary interest in AI and Robotics.My passions are Aero/Astro-unatics, and a self-proclaimed Military Aviation enthusiast.

Contributions can range from Particle Physics to Cybernetics to Tamil Literature.


My Contributions[edit]

I am very new to wikipedia as an Editor, the following are(is) the Articles i started.

Airborne Surveillance Platform- Project Airavat,
Hope i'll be able to contribute other articles in my specialty as well!


Articles i would like to Start soon[edit]

  • Kamov Ka-31 - presently It merely redirects to Ka-29, I would like to create an individual article for this.
  • Religious history of Medieval India - Particularly the Interactions between Hinduism and Jainism and the transfer of ideas to & from Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism
  • Chola navy- covering all aspects of the Navy and marines and in detail. (only if time permits and I can dig up enough resources)

Articles I'd like to improve/expand[edit]

Presently Working on (sandboxes)[edit]