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Evil Couch, born Hiromi Cota, is a former US Army Infantryman. A peace-time alumni of the 75th Ranger Regiment and a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom II with 1-503d of the 2nd Infantry Division, he primarily provides military facts to the Wikipedia.

He also ran a small Machinima site called Johari Sports Network, as well as and Hiromi

Starting in October, 2006, he has begun co-writing a webcomic known as World's Worst Webcomic, known among all three of its fans as WWWC.

Major projects:

To do list[edit]

To improve list[edit]

  • Add photo and elaborate on Donn F. Porter
  • Add photo and elaborate on David Richardson (American)
  • Add breakdown of attachments for Korea and Vietnam Ranger Companies.
  • Integrate annexes for Ranger history.
  • Create and populate pages for Korea and Vietnam Ranger Companies.
  • 4th Ranger Battalion missing. Don't know why. I may have to dig through deletion logs to see if it ever existed.
  • Improve Ralph Puckett's article