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I have returned from a five year Wikibreak, and will be lightly involved with various tasks around the project.

I am a Photographer, SC2 player, and a former Wikipedia Administrator.

"Studies by psychologists at the University of Rochester have concluded that those people striving for 'intimacy, personal growth, and contribution to the community' experience a higher quality of life than those 'who preferred higher income and occupational success and prestige" --I should really source that quote.......

Wikipedia Contributions[edit]

Y'all are a silly bunch. A mop is a mop, more good mops = more opportunities for admin stuff to get done what needs doing. I've been inactive for a few years now, but every now and again I have logged on and pulled the mop out to take care of some random issue I came across. I've also thrown in the occasional IP edit when I didn't feel like logging on. De-Sysopping people might, and the key word is might, have some microscopic security benefit, but the cost is Additional Bureacracy, which we don't need, and also making the possibility less that someone might come back and do some useful Admin tasks. As for people worrying about policy changing, I'm sure things are different but core Wikipedia MO isn't going to be all that different. If someone was once good enough to be given the mop, they probably know better than to just show up all hells bells and flinging the mop around left and right. If I were to take any Admin action that I thought had a chance of being controversial, you better believe I would check on current policy to be sure I was making the right call. If someone was good enough to be given the mop, they're overwhelmingly likely to still be competent should they decide to stop in, and exceedingly unlikely to be a problem, and if they are, take care of it then.

In summary, any mop is a good mop to have, even if it's been in the closet for a while. I know there's a better phrasing for that.

I've been reading Wikipedia since 2004, and I am pretty sure that this anonymous edit to Furman University on April 5th, 2004 was my first edit ever to Wikipedia. I joined Wikipedia officially on 9 May, 2005, and became an Administrator on October 14, 2005. If you have any Admin-related needs, please leave me a message on my Talk.


I have gotten into copy editing pretty heavily since I joined Wikipedia, which has inspired me to spend some time reviewing style, grammar, and punctuation rules that I have forgotten since my days in secondary education. I love nothing better than chewing through prose, leaving clear wording, excellent punctuation, and informative and accurate inter-wiki links in my wake. At least that's my goal.


Harry Potter[edit]

I founded the Harry Potter WikiProject on 2 June 2005.

South Carolina[edit]

I also founded the South Carolina WikiProject.