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History of Everything
A Macro-historical overview of reality, genes, and memes
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History of Everything[edit]

A Macro-historical overview of reality, genes, and memes[edit]

Astronomical History
Big Bang
Timeline of the Big Bang
Graphical timeline of the Big Bang
Large-scale structure of the cosmos
Shape of the Universe
Graphical timeline of the universe
Galaxy formation and evolution
Formation and evolution of the Solar System
Stability of the Solar System
Detailed logarithmic timeline
Geological and Biological History
History of the Earth
Geological history of Earth
Geologic time scale
Timeline of evolution
Evolutionary history of life
Evolution of plants
Timeline of plant evolution
Memetic History
History of the world
Sociocultural evolution
Political history of the world
History of religions
Timeline of religion
The Future
Future of the Earth
Risks to civilization, humans and planet Earth
11th millennium and beyond
Ultimate fate of the universe