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Steeve Lannuzel, singer and lead guitar of The Craftmen Club, 2009.

The Craftmen Club is a French rock band from Brittany, created in 2000 by Steeve Lannuzel (guitar and vocals) and Yann Ollivier (percussion). Their style of garage rock with a touch of blues exploded in 2002 at the Vieilles Charrues Festival in Carhaix, France, and later at the Transmusicales Festival in Rennes, France. After releasing two EPs, they have toured throughout France, Japan, and Hungary [1] [2].

After replacing Kevin Le Bervet as their bassist, in 2005, they released their sophomore album, Thirty Six Minutes, distributed by Discograph, which received many positive reviews in the media [3].


Creation of the group[edit]

Begun in May of 2000 by Steeve Lannuzel and Yann Ollivier, who quicky recruited Kevin Le Bervet, The Craftment Club is a self-proclaimed “rock-n-roll prototype,” exploring a fusion of garage rock and blues. Their influences include the Violent Femmes, 16 Horsepower, and Bob Dylan, among others [4]. Soon after forming, the band released its first demo, which was well received by local radio stations and the Ferarock network, where they remained on the top 30 list several weeks in a row. They then began touring the region and quickly became known as an energetic live band [5].

In July 2002, after making a name for themselves, the group performed on the Xavier Grall stage at the Vieilles Charrues festival in Carhaix, France. Their first EP, Jesus is a Hit and Run Driver, Man, recorded by Mick and Fred of the band Bikini Machine, was released the day of their performance at the Transmusicales festival in Rennes, where they received many positive reviews for their performance. After that, their first French tour began with 50 dates in 2003. While continuing to tour, The Craftmen Club worked on composing their first album. In 2004, bassist Kevin Le Bervet left the band and was replaced by Mikael Gaudé, who was later replaced by Marc Corlett in 2005. In 2005, The Craftmen Club released their first album, I Gave You Orders Never to Play that Record Again, and were featured as “young talent” at the Printemps de Bourges festival in Bourges, France [6].

First Album to Present[edit]

In 2005, The Craftmen Club met Matt Verta Ray, the guitar player of Speedball Baby and Heavy Trash, and they recorded their first album, I Gave You Orders Never to Play That Record Again, together [7]. They also replaced their manager and signed with Arsenal Productions. At the Printemps de Bourges festival, they kicked off almost three years of touring—over 300 concerts in France, Switzerland, and Belgium [8].

In 2007, they met Upton Park Publishing’s Julien Banes, who became their editor, and The Craftmen Club began working on their second album. With help from Julien, the band signed their second album, Thirty-Six Minutes (released February 6, 2009) on the label La Ouache/Booster and with the distributor Discograph. A critical success, The Craftmen Club received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the press. French music magazine Les InRockuptibles declared they were “one of the brightest black diamonds in France,”[9] although French culture blog Evene stated that their sound “came straight out of the past” [10]. Soon after, The Craftmen Club embarked on a 2 year string of tours, with over 200 concerts in France, Belgium, Japan, and Hungary. While in Japan, the group recorded their latest music video, Back in Town [11].

In August 2010, The Craftmen Club decided to take a break to work on their third album, which is scheduled to be released in late 2011.

Future and upcoming projects[edit]

After 2 EP, 2 albums, and over 800 concerts, The Craftmen Club is currently working on their next album, scheduled for release in 2011.

In addition, Marc Corlett (bassist) and Yann Ollivier (percussion) have switched instruments to form Thomas Howard Memorial, a side project with a distinctly different style from The Craftmen Club [12],[13][14]. Thomas Howard Memorial released its first EP in October 2011 [15].



2005 I Gave You Orders Never To Play That Record Again (April)
2009 Thirty Six Minutes (Oct.)


2001 Prototype Rock'N'Roll Music (8 song demo) (Feb.)
2002 Jesus Is A Hit And Run Driver, Man (Dec.)


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