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I'm a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in English Language and Literature and Philosophy. I'm a major advocate of open access and open source, and have an innate affinity to sharing knowledge. Being able to contribute to Wikipedia gives me a feeling that I'm taking part of this process and that I can have a direct impact on the open knowledge revolution. Wikipedia fascinates me because of its decentralized nature, and I'm interested in being part of it as evolves. I'm fundamentally anti-copyright, and a major advocate of copyleft, and being a contributor gives me enjoyment and an outlet for my personal convictions.

My main interests are philosophy, literature. linguistics, critical theory, classics, philology, etymology, anime, open data, open access, technology, art, science, opera, programming, and Association football (soccer). I really enjoy playing chess and it's a daily improvement process. I try to make edits to as many of these realms as possible with my knowledge and the resources around me. My work and my interests are what really occupy me, so I guess you could say my life is my work. :)


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