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About Me[edit]

Hello everyone.

I'm Excirial, which you most likely already figured since you're on my user page. I am an administrator on the English version of wikipedia, who mostly involves himself with the maintenance work around here. This means that I tend to patrol for Vandalism or that I check if New Pages comply with the CSD guidelines, among other tasks. It's quite likely you ran into me during this patrol, which either means you are an admin, a fellow patrol, or even a normal nonspecialist wikipedian. If you ran into me because I warned you or deleted your page, know that this is NEVER personal. If you think I made a mistake, please notify me on my talk page.


I became an administrator on April 16th, 2010 (My RFA). Due to this I have a few extra buttons on my interface which allow me to take several special actions such as blocking users, deleting and undeleting pages and granting certain privileges. Don't be afraid though, as I will only use these if the policies allow me to - and even then I will be careful not to cause any damage. Also note that my opinion holds no special value because I happen to have the "Admin" title, except in circumstances where disruption is present. Most of the time I am just a regular user doing whatever he feels needs doing, so please think of me as just another editor. Any criticism, problems or other grievances you have with me can be voiced without fear of retribution - just remember to keep it friendly. As the policy states so well: An administrator is just a user with a mop and a bucket. And that is the only difference there should be :).


I am only human, so I make mistakes. Though I try to keep the number of mistakes I make as low as possible, it is still possible that something might slip past. If that happens, please leave a message on my talk page explaining what went wrong.

Total edits made: 215,224
Pages Protected: 209
Pages Deleted: 3,596
Users Blocked: 5,003
Vandalism on this page: Not important
Last updated on: 3-Mar-2024
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