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ExplicitImplicity or ExpImp is a user of the English Wikipedia since 2002. It registered this account on September 11, 2006.

As of October 1, 2013 it made 616 edits in the Main namespace, the vast majority of those before 2010,[1] with edit summary usage greater than 95%.[2]

This user has university degrees in English, Linguistics and Philosophy, and is pursuing further degrees in the latter.


Favourite Books

Favourite Films

Favourite TV programmes

Favourite Music

I love music. I don't need it to live (as some people i know do) but music makes life so much more enjoyable. I like all music, but the music we commonly associate with the time between (and excluding) "Jazz" and"The 80s" much less so.

I say i like pop music.

Others say i like intellectual music.

Ideally music is both. It often isn't. And I am perfectly happy with that. We have a lot of problems on our planet. Our music isn't one of them. As a species we have a pretty awesome taste in music.

Favourite Non-Auditive Art

I am an aesthetic minimalist. I like contrasts. And the exception. And overviews.

Art needs to show something formerly unseen, and only then does it need to delight. An artwork is created, usually by an artist. But an artwork also creates, it creates situations. If done right, they are among the best there are. Some are reminiscence about situations gone, some are entirely new ones. Art brings about different ways of seeing and of thinking.


I have visited the following parts of the World

Northern Europe  Germany  East Germany (still existing at the time)  Netherlands  Belgium  France  Luxembourg[3]  United Kingdom

Southern Europe  Spain  Austria  Hungary  Yugoslavia (nowadays  Slovenia,  Croatia and  Montenegro)   Switzerland  Portugal  Italy  San Marino[3]  Greece  Turkey  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Asia  Turkey[3]

Americas  Cuba  United States

other B/S


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