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Welcome to my user page!

Who? My pseudonym is Eynar Oxartum. I am a half Spanish and half Italian wikipedian living in Europe.

When? From 19th April, 1978 (39 years old)

Where? I am currently living in Madrid. You can check the travelling section below.

How? I am a physicist working on proteomics. I like science, languages, history, nature and many other things.

How many? By now, only one (I have not been cloned yet).

Why? I don't know. Ask my parents!

Whose? Only mine, fortunately, I am free!


Do you want to know where have I been?

My contributions to the English wikipedia[edit]

Articles created[edit]

Templates created[edit]

Categories created[edit]

Images created (at commons)[edit]

My first contribution! (on the 21st of December, 2005) The population of County Meath.
The origin of the 118 Toki Pona terms.
Graph about the population growth of Moscow.
David Healy canvassing.
Graph about superconductivity.
Image to fix, showing the difference between type I and type II superconductors.
Difference between the energy of the superconducting and states, depending on the order parameter in the Ginzburg-Landau theory.
Spanish version of Image:Cvandrhovst.png.
Relation between critical temperatures and critical magnetic fields at absolute zero for 24 low temperature superconductors.
Graph showing the magnetic behaviour of type I and type II superconductors.
Graph showing how magneetisation changes depending on the Ginzburg-Landau parameter.