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[1] EYoungstrom is Eric A. Youngstrom, a professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina, and a licensed psychologist. I am interested in evidence-based assessment, clinical decision-making, Sleep and its effects on mood and energy, and bipolar disorder.

I am engaging more with Wikipedia as part of my teaching, and especially as a way to make research evidence more available to the public. In the fall semester of 2017 I will be teaching an undergraduate class (Developmental Psychopathology), and exploring ways of increasing student's comfort and skill at making incremental edits to content, as well as improving the quality of several pages about widely used measures in mental health.

We also are trying out different ways of increasing the structure when making edits, borrowing several ideas from research on teaching. These include structured small group activities, as well as building templates that provide scaffolding so that contributors get guidance about what content to find and where to put it.

We also will be working to add new pages about psychological assessments to Wikipedia. We are prioritizing assessments that are (a) valid across a range of groups and settings, (b) free to use, and (c) have translations available in languages other than English. Because many of the people interested in reading these pages will be people already interested in psychology, we are aiming for a medium amount of detail -- not a "how to," but enough information for people to be able to tell what the strengths and limitations of the tool might be for different purposes. We will work on linking these to relevant articles in Wikipedia as well as more specialized sites on the Internet. We are partnering with the Society for Clinical Psychology and the Society of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology to add links to resources and information.

We currently have pushed a bunch of content generated by graduate students into the "Sandboxes" of the undergraduate course page. The content was not originally designed to be a Wikipedia page, and some of it (local resources) is not appropriate for Wikipedia. We have pruned the extra content. This semester we will update the material some more, and start to move pieces to target pages in Wikipedia. We also will start doing small, incremental edits to pages. We plan to build an "evidence based psychological assessment" page, and use it as a hub to link the other psychology assessment pages.

Resources to help with editing:

Editing Wikipedia Articles on Psychology

More about me:

Here is a link to my profile at the University of North Carolina.

Here is a link to my profile on Google Scholar.

Here is a link to my publications that are indexed on PubMed.

Many of my publications are available on ResearchGate.

I will be working on the new habit of checking my talk pages at least weekly.

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