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This is more of a proof of concept than anything. The template takes Russian words/phrases and produces their romanization using all major systems (at present, only three are supported).


{{user:Ezhiki/Infobox Xlit ru|С|ъ|е|ш|ь| |е|щ|ё| |э|т|и|х| |м|я|г|к|и|х| |ф|р|а|н|ц|у|з|с|к|и|х| |б|у|л|о|к|,| |д|а| |в|ы|п|е|й| |ч|а|ю|. | |С|ъ|е|ш|ь| |е|щ|ё| |э|т|и|х| |м|я|г|к|и|х| |ф|р|а|н|ц|у|з|с|к|и|х| |б|у|л|о|к|,| |o|u|i|?}}


BGN/PCGN romanization of Russian: Sʺyeshʹ yeshchë etikh myagkikh frantsuzskikh bulok, da vypey chayu. Sʺyeshʹ-yeshchë etikh myagkikh frantsuzskikh bulok, oui?

Scientific transliteration: Sʺešʹ eščë ètix mjagkix francuzskix bulok, da vypej čaju. Sʺešʹ-eščë ètix mjagkix francuzskix bulok, oui?

ISO/R 9:1968: Sʺešʹ eščë ėtich mjagkich francuzskich bulok, da vypej čaju. Sʺešʹ-eščë ėtich mjagkich francuzskich bulok, oui?

Issues and plans[edit]

  • Formatting at present is rather crude non-existent.
  • Trailing space is added to the output. Not sure why.
  • Maximum length of input is 100 characters (any remainder is trimmed)
  • Obviously, having to pass each character as a separate parameter is a huge drawback. This is due to the fact that Wikimedia servers do not have string functions enabled.
  • BGN/PCGN's interpunct digraphs are not yet supported. They will eventually be implemented as an option that can be switched on and off.