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w/eThis user prefers to be referred to by whatever gender pronoun makes you feel comfortable.

Drafts: Draft:Chappell Roan, Draft:Ximena Abogabir, Draft:Café Gozhóó, Draft:Gimkit, Draft:Hernâni Marques, Draft:Yderla Anzoátegui

Redlists: Notable Women of Hawaii

Redlinks to turn blue: Cynthia Burack, Women in Print movement, Movimiento Ecuménico por los Derechos Humanos [es], Feminist Economic Network, Feminist Economic Alliance, Congregación Israelita de la República Argentina, Nueva Sion [es], Instituto de Diálogo Interreligioso, Application launcher (from redirect), ʻŌlelo Noʻeau, Gay Community News (Hawaii), Haifa Feminist Center, Cinzia Arruzza, Native Sons of Hawaii/Native Sons and Daughters of Hawaii, Hawaii Community Foundation, Hawaiian Civic Club, Huihui Kanahele-Mossman, Kūha‘o Zane, Sig Zane Designs, Sig Zane, Hālau o Kekuhi, Akiemi Glenn, The Pōpolo Project, Comunidad Homosexual Argentina, Hawai'i Innocence Project, Appriss, Civil Beat Law Center for the Public Interest, Nephi Craig, Fred DuBray, Elsie DuBray, Sammy Gensaw III, Hawaii Public Employment Relations Act, Calvin Kasulke, Charlotte Barslund, Big Five (publishers) (from redirect), Grief (hacker group), Kate Aronoff, Sabrina Fernandes, Sociedad Cosmopolita de Resistencia y Colocación de Obreros Panaderos, Facturas (from redirect), Andrew Klemencic ("Al"), Adrienne Dixson, Jewel Ham, Chidiebere Ibe, Facephene

Articles created: Stub-Class article Society of Anubis; Stub-Class article Playing with Fire: Queer Politics, Queer Theories; Stub-Class article Al-Tufula Center; Stub-Class article A Woman's Place (bookstore); Stub-Class article Hertha Block; Stub-Class article Judaism On Our Own Terms; Stub-Class article Cite Black Women; Stub-Class article Improving Web Advertising Business Group; Stub-Class article Feminist credit unions; Stub-Class article Comunidad Bet El; Stub-Class article Hauwahine; Stub-Class article Hoʻokuaʻāina; Stub-Class article Mary Kapuahualani Robinson; Stub-Class article Esther K. Richardson; Stub-Class article Matthew Blaise; Stub-Class article Kiley May; Stub-Class article Palestine Legal; Stub-Class article Parley for the Oceans; Stub-Class article Nalani Kanaka‘ole; Stub-Class article Pualani Kanaka‘ole Kanahele; Stub-Class article Umqhele; Stub-Class article Jorge Osinde; Stub-Class article Zetkin Collective; Stub-Class article NarxCare; Stub-Class article Cyrill Gutsch; Stub-Class article Red Nation Film Festival; Stub-Class article Elephind; Stub-Class article Ancestral Guard; Stub-Class article Verónica Zondek; Stub-Class article Lisa Hageman Yahgulanaas; Stub-Class article The Reload; Stub-Class article Beatrice of Bourbourg; Start-Class article March of Pride (Buenos Aires); Start-Class article Roberto Jáuregui; Start-Class article Feminist Bookstore News; Start-Class article Old Wives Tales (bookstore); Start-Class article Hanahauʻoli School; Start-Class article Fundación Huésped; Start-Class article Nuestro Mundo; Start-Class article Code Rood; Start-Class article Women in Print Conference; Start-Class article Aswat; Start-Class article Andreas Malm; Start-Class article María del Carmen Pérez Cuadra; Start-Class article Nueva Presencia (publication); Start-Class article Ghadir Shafie; Start-Class article Christen A. Smith; Start-Class article Moʻolelo; Start-Class article Annie Kanahele; Start-Class article Wynne Neilly; Start-Class article Guillermo Mac Millan; Start-Class article Mar Cambrollé; Start-Class article Linn da Quebrada; Start-Class article Duda Salabert; Start-Class article Dekanisora; Start-Class article Nabila Espanioly; Start-Class article Michelle Groskopf; Start-Class article Noam Sienna; Start-Class article Global Online Academy; Start-Class article Planet on Fire; Start-Class article Mabel Smyth Memorial Building; Start-Class article Black Student Union; Start-Class article Steve Alm; Start-Class article State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers; Start-Class article Long Live the Post Horn!; Start-Class article Makenna Goodman; Start-Class article Sigismund Danielewicz; Start-Class article .kosher; Start-Class article The Undercommons; Start-Class article Ememem; Start-Class article Fortune-499; Start-Class article Boycott (2021 film); Start-Class article Spotify Kids; Start-Class article Viroqua Daniels; C-Class article Carol Seajay; C-Class article Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism; C-Class article Movimiento Judío por los Derechos Humanos; C-Class article Herman Schiller; C-Class article Federated Learning of Cohorts; C-Class article Privacy Sandbox; C-Class article Mariela Muñoz; C-Class article Edith Kanakaʻole; C-Class article Killing of Lindani Myeni; C-Class article Killing of Iremamber Sykap; C-Class article Kaʻelepulu Pond; C-Class article William E. Woods; C-Class article Alexya Salvador; C-Class article Gather (film); C-Class article Something That May Shock and Discredit You; C-Class article 2021 National Rifle Association ransomware attack; C-Class article Mastery Transcript Consortium; C-Class article Outstanding in the Field; C-Class article Edigna; C-Class article Spotify Wrapped; C-Class article Super weaner; B-Class article Gigi Ibrahim; B-Class article Margot Heuman; B-Class article How to Blow Up a Pipeline; B-Class article Kenneth Lawson; B-Class article Dee Duponte; Good article Tillie Kottmann; Good article Flora Kaai Hayes; Good article Thelma Akana Harrison; Good article Frente de Liberación Homosexual

Alphabet: Andreas Malm, Black Student Union, Carol Seajay, Dee Duponte, Edith Kanakaʻole, Frente de Liberación Homosexual, Gigi Ibrahim, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, Improving Web Advertising Business Group, Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism, Kaʻelepulu Pond, Long Live the Post Horn!, Margot Heuman, Nuestro Mundo, Old Wives Tales (bookstore), Privacy Sandbox, Quedabra, Linn da, Roberto Jáuregui, Something That May Shock and Discredit You, Tillie Kottmann, Umqhele, Verónica Zondek, William E. Woods, X, Yahgulanaas, Lisa Hageman, Zetkin Collective, The

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Centenarian: 1055: Edigna, 11xx: Beatrice of Bourbourg, 12xx: article, 13xx: article, 14xx: article, 15xx: article, 1650: Dekanisora, 17xx: article, 1893: Flora Kaai Hayes, 1999: Tillie Kottmann (see redlist)

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