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If you wish to contact me about any non-Wikipedia matters such as in relation to the GLAMwiki Tools project, please email me using this email form, rather than leaving a message on my user page or on a Wikipedia noticeboard.

Email sent to me will be treated as personal and confidential unless you request otherwise, and I expect the same basic respect and civility of all correspondents in line with our shared fundamental principle of respect included in the Five pillars. If your emails might be interpreted as canvassing then please be aware of the behavioural guideline of Canvassing.

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A declaration of interest can be found at my home user page at Commons:User:Fæ.

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  1. Missing biographies of LGBQ people
  2. Missing biographies of nonbinary, trans and intersex people
  3. LGBT+ people, who died after 1800, without articles in English
  4. Missing women ancient historians
  5. Missing LGBT rights activists (labels are very inconsistent for this area)
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