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Warp Drive[edit]

Proposed and Fictional[edit]

Miguel Alcubierre
Alcubierre drive
Einstein field equations
General relativity
Frame of reference
Energy density
Exotic matter
Casimir effect
Chronology protection conjecture
Length contraction
Stress–energy tensor
Naked singularity
Serguei Krasnikov
Quantum inequalities
Observable universe
Hawking radiation
Closed timelike curve
Time travel
Quantum gravity
Semiclassical gravity
Spacecraft propulsion
Krasnikov tube
Warp-field experiments
Special relativity
Speed of light
Black hole
Quantum field theory
Warp drive
Time dilation
Gravity assist
Dilithium (Star Trek)
White–Juday warp-field interferometer
Bussard ramjet
Timeline of black hole physics
Timeline of gravitational physics and relativity
Gravitational interaction of antimatter