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There is no remembrance of former generations, neither will the new generations be remembered. People not yet born will also not be remembered by the children who will come after them.

with knowledge come irritation. he who increases knowledge, increases pain.

there is a unproductive type of person here on Wikipedia that get his or her pleasure from the argument. he looks to vandalism the articles, since his anger is actually enjoyable for him. he achieves nothing except his own "pleasure"

Sonar Principle EN.svg

beep beep, detected --- action ---- shutdown

US, for example, makes $14.2 Trillion in GDP every year. CIA has a budget of $1.5 Trillion. with that sort of a budget, it would be silly to think that wikipedia is off limits for propaganda.
that aside

Wooden hourglass 3.jpg

our time is limited, is it not?
and if we are a little closer to death with each minute, dont we have a sense of responsibility to create a better world
my fellow brothers, i salute you
it is a pleasure and a gift to be alive at the same time as you

essentially, all is futile under the Sun
as your knowledge increase so does the feeling of grief
Do not quarrel with anyone without cause, if he did you no harm.

we came from someplace, and we are going to someplace, so lets make our time here an exciting adventure

idle minds, are devils tools... people keep busy, building and developing, in order to keep destructive though from developing in their minds. destructive ideas will develop in idle people.

If you watch that show, “how it’s made” on the discovery channel you will see how complicated it is to make a simple thing, like a pen. So next time you take a pen, think about how much engineering and designing has gone into making a single pen. Look at the rubber handle, its color, and letters engraved on it, and think of people and machines that were needed to make this pen. It gives you an appreciation for the benefits of a simple life. You now understand that you don’t need a $100 pen to make you “fake-happy” because you understand the complexity of an average pen.

Now think of an old car. Think of how much thought, design, engineering there is in a SINGLE car part, like a left front ball joint. Chemists had to find the right kind of metal alloy, miners had to drill for the metal ore, engineers had to design drilling machinery, oil companies had to supply oil for the machines, people had to develop a way of finding oil, on and on it goes. All is REQUIRED for a single part in your car. Even the cheapest car, has HUNDREDS of parts. Now, all of the sudden, driving a $2000 car, isn’t so bad. It feels pretty good knowing that you are driving such a complex piece of machinery. It gives you a positive feeling. All of sudden, petty stuff like a rust spot or the color of your car doesn’t matter at all.

Now think about a solar system, and how our solar system work. Much like a car, there are tons of small yet infinitely complex parts that make up our solar system.

To borrow an analogy, young cats fail all the time. Yet they eventually became masters at their game. With time, they learn to hunt and kill with great success! Think about how complex a hunt for a mouse is with all the patience, skill, and foresight, etc. It truly is something more complex then designing a pen. The skill, the mastery, is inspiring, is it not?!!!! That what happens when you realize your potential, when you master your nature. Now, not everyone has the ability to create a solar a sun, or to create a pen. Some people can’t even paint a picture using crayons, not because they are dumb, but because they are lazy!

To see a simple thing, and to appreciate its complexity, is a TOOL to break the laziness.