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Frank McGady[edit]

Frank and his wife Debbie in Rome, August 2005

Frank McGady lives in Bayonne, New Jersey with his wife Debbie. He has been a history teacher at Hudson Catholic High School in Jersey City for the past 22 years. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His wife, who is from Bayonne, a retired scientist with Hoffmann–La Roche who now also teaches at Hudson Catholic.



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Articles created[edit]

New Jersey history: George Bragg Fielder, Edward Hoos, John Newman, William C. Farr, Egbert Seymour, Thomas Brady, Phineas C. Dummer, Robert Gilchrist, Henry C. Taylor, Peter Bentley, Thomas A. Alexander, Henry Traphagen, Gilbert Collins, Charles Seidler, Henry J. Hopper, Isaac W. Taussig, Gilbert Collins, David W. Oliver, Pieter Van Buskirk, Henry B. Lembeck, The Lembeck and Betz Eagle Brewing Company

Military figures: William Sutherland (British Army officer), Roger Morris (British Army officer), Robert Reily (Union Army colonel), Charles E. Hazlett (Union Army officer), Benjamin F. Rittenhouse (Union Army officer), Israel Greene

Military units: 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot, 75th Ohio Infantry, 2nd Massachusetts Infantry

People in American History: Richard Boone Cheatham,

Movie Actors and Acresses: Hans Twardowski, Trude Berliner, Richard Ryen, Ludwig Stössel, Ilka Grünig, Louis V. Arco, Gregory Gaye, Martin Kosleck

Films: Espionage Agent

Places: St. Henry's Church in Bayonne, New Jersey, Franklin Street Bridge in Chicago, Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, One Nashville Place, Hôtel Regina in Paris,

U.S. Presidents: List of U.S. counties named after U.S. Presidents


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