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Ondukuta village[edit]

Its a village situated in the northern part of Namibia in Omusati Region between Tsandi and Outapi.Its 15KM from Tsandi and its in Tsandi constituency.Its was ruled by the traditional reader chief Josia Shikongo Iiyehela but due to some factors ,he moved from Ondukuta to one village and the village was given to Ferdinand Magongo who is a leader till today . In this village is where i grown up and live with my family.

In Ondukuta village most of houses are traditional and only few of them are modern houses ,whereby the are made of bricks and cement. Traditional houses are made up of woods and stick. Most of people there are just use mixed farming, they grow crops and real livestock. They grow crops such as mahangu, maize, beans and sorghum. They keep animal as sheep, goat,cattle and donkey. During rainy season they use donkey to plough their field.

This village is not a grazing because its overcrowded by many houses.There is no complex shopping center nor medium business in this village only small business owned by local people there to earn their small profit and met wants and needs of the village. This village is blessed with many water sources such as oshana , well and pans. In Ondukuta people have access to clean water but nor electricity , only solar panel in fewer houses. According to plan ,mission and vision of the village ,it will became a develop village with shopping center, electricity, school and financial services such as ATM and Nam post.