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World of Wars
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World of Wars[edit]

Volume I
Table of contents
Main article
World War I
African theatre of World War I
Serbian Campaign (World War I)
Western Front (World War I)
Asian and Pacific theatre of World War I
Naval Warfare of World War I
Balkans Campaign (World War I)
Serbian Campaign (World War I)
Macedonian front (World War I)
Middle Eastern theatre of World War I
Italian Campaign (World War I)
Eastern Front (World War I)
Ukraine in World War I
Russian Revolution of 1917
Spring Offensive
Hundred Days Offensive
Weimar Republic
Technology during World War I
World War I in art and literature
Media of World War I
War memorials
Surviving veterans of World War I
World War I casualties
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
American Battle Monuments Commission
Military attachés and war correspondents in the First World War
Opposition to World War I
French Army Mutinies (1917)
War crimes
Ottoman casualties of World War I
Armenian Genocide
Assyrian Genocide
Pontic Greek Genocide
Rape of Belgium
Aftermath of World War I
Volume II
Table of contents
Main article
World War II
Causes of World War II
Course of the war
Timeline of World War II
Aftermath of World War II
Impact of the war
World War II casualties
War crimes during World War II
Consequences of German Nazism
Japanese war crimes
Military production during World War II
Home front during World War II
Collaboration during World War II
Resistance during World War II
German–occupied Europe
Technology during World War II