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Date Event
2012-09-14 GLAM WIKI 2012, 2 days, the world's Wikimedia GLAM conference, hosted by the British Library, London
2012-07-09 Wikimania and related meetings in Washington DC
2012-06-30 WMUK board meeting (weekend inc. induction workshop)
2012-06-29 Image workshop with WMUK donors, focus on categorization
2012-06-25 Birkbeck College Wikipedia workshop (multiple institutions, academic staff focus)
2012-06-22 GLAM subcommittee / GLAMwiki conference planning in Mozilla Spaces
2012-06-16 WWI edit-a-thon in the British Library
2012-06-11 WMUK round table on potential for a research gateway, with institutional representatives and Jimmy
2012-06-9 WMUK Train the trainers weekend
2012-06-8 GLAM networking in Mozilla Spaces
2012-05-22 Initial conversations with the Southbank Centre on future open knowledge projects
2012-05-21 Interview with Dan Damon on BBC World Update, broadcast on 22nd. Available on BBC iPlayer at @8'40" for the next 7 days.
2012-05-19 Represent the chapter at MonmouthpediA day in Monmouth, Wales
Ceremonial signing between Monmouth town council and Wikimedia UK during Monmouthpedia day.
2012-05-14 Chat in the British Library about the Hargreaves Report
2012-05-12 WikiConference UK 2012 at the Science Museum (London), including elections for the new board. There are 19 candidates running for 7 seats, so don't forget to vote!
2012-05-4 GLAM upload steering group meeting at Europeana, The Hague
2012-04-21 Weekend of Wikimedia UK board meeting at Monmouth, Wales
2012-04-13 British Library WIR coordination meeting, St Pancras International
2012-03-30 Chapters Conference, Berlin Wikimedia Conference 2012
2012-03-10 Trustee training (by CAS)
2012-03-08 British Library coordination meeting with Daria, planning GLAM-WIKI-2012
2012-02-09 British Library Wikipedian in Residence job publicly advertized, article in Wired magazine
2012-02-02 70,000th edit on Wikipedia which was to give a welcome for Npunchak making his first edit
2012-01-07 UK OTRS volunteer workshop (weekend)
2011-12-01 GLAMcamp Amsterdam (Thursday to Sunday)
2011-11-28 Portcullis House, providing evidence as a "Wikipedian" for the Privacy and Injunctions Joint Committee
2011-11-24 Open Data in Cultural Heritage workshop, hosted by Wellcome Trust & Open Knowledge Foundation
2011-11-19 WMUK board meeting in the British Library, Sue Gardner joining
2011-11-18 The National Archives coordination meeting and tour with Sue Gardner hosted by TNA CEO Oliver Morley. Photos
2011-11-09 V&A coordination meeting
2011-11-01 Parliamentary ICT forum on UK copyright, Hargreaves' report blog post
2011-10-16 London Wikimedia Meetup Number 50 and EGM 2011 to vote on constitutional changes needed to become a charity
2011-10-13 British Museum Ice Age art, public workshop
2011-09-30 Museums Galleries Scotland meeting in Edinburgh to formalize partnership
2011-09-27 British Library staff presentation on WM-UK partnership
2011-09-21 WM-UK & Historic Royal Palaces co-ordination meeting
2011-08-27 WM-UK board meeting in Derby Museum
2011-08-30 WM-UK & Society of Biology co-ordination meeting
2011-08-23 WM-UK & British Library co-ordination meeting
2011-08-14 London Wikimedia Meetup Number 48
2011-07-16 Coordinating V&A Wikilounge at the Sackler Centre.
Related Imperica interview
2011-07-10 London Wikimedia Meetup Number 47 with partial GLAM task force review.
2011-07-05 Interview with BBC Radio Scotland on GLAM/BM.
2011-06-24 Coordinating GLAMcamp London hosted by the British Library.
2011-06-22 Ranked #400 by editor contributions, stop for a tea break.
2011-06-04 Coordinating British Library English & Drama editathon
2011-06-03 Attending Wellcome Trust Digital Images Sharing workshop (closed event)
2011-05-20 - 22 Leading NY GLAMcamp
2011-05-08 London Wikimedia Meetup Number 45
2011-04-19 British Library meeting.
2011-04-16 WMUK Annual Conference 2011
File:WMUK GLAM presentation Fae.pdf
2011-3-14 50,000th edit, made on Vindolanda tablets which I celebrated by having a cup of coffee.
2011-03-13 London Wikimedia Meetup Number 43
13 February 2011 London Wikimedia Meetup Number 42
5 February 2011 WMUK Board interest meeting 5-7pm
14 January 2011 - 15 GLAM/BL Editathon at the British Library

Ian Douglas (10 January 2011). "A collaboration of Wikipedians to gather at the British Library". The Telegraph. Archived from the original on 15 January 2011.

12 December 2010 London Wikimedia Meetup Number 40
26 November 2010 - 27 GLAM-WIKI
Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums & Wikimedia: Finding the common ground
14 November 2010 London Wikimedia Meetup Number 39
25 June 2010 GLAM/BM Hoxne challenge

Take into account the guidance of Museum photography

BM workshop session
4 June 2010 GLAM/BM British Museum backstage pass

Venerable British Museum Enlists in the Wikipedia Revolution, Noam Cohen, 4 June 2010, The New York Times.