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Hello there everyone!!!!

I don't get no respect here at Wikipedia; NO ONE EVER RESPONDS TO MY TALK PAGE POSTS!

Please note I learn by doing; and I sometimes WILL break Wikipedia policies by accident. I strongly apologize for this and will do my best to comply to those policies.

I do not tag bomb. Tag bombing is disruptive editing and is a form of system gaming. (Even though I do DBT due to the hand rule.

To leave a message, CLICK HERE (or here). Just remember to be nice and add your "please" and "thank you"s.

Don't forget to review this.

Wikia cleanup template[edit]

Here's a good article cleanup message I'd like to see...



My list of false call sign definitions.

One last thing, DON'T YOU DARE STEAL FROM OUR HOUSE OR SET IT ON FIRE AND ETC. OR ELSE I'LL SUE YOU IN A COURT IN TRENTON, NEW JERSEY! Just kidding! (By the way, to all you vandals who destroy Wikipedia and have now received a ban across the Wikimedia Foundation's sites, I strongly suggest that you do not go the extra mile and commence hacking or damaging of the Wikimedia servers. It could land you in jail under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.)