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His Greatness Fajubi
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Fajubi's email address is for anyone who cares.

Fajubi is an American writer, filmmaker, and science/history enthusiast. He is very interested in skyscrapers from all over the world. Also, Fajubi is known by those who know him for his memory for useless facts of all kinds.

Hello, citizens! I have no idea why you are on this page, but oh well.

I wrote the page on the Houston Tower. If you think it's too short, I understand. But also understand that the only information I could find on it was on Emporis and in some old newspaper article. The picture isn't even locatable on Gooogle Images.

Next I finished writing the page on the unfortunately never built Bank of the Southwest Tower. Unfortunately, while I was writing it, it was deleted, then later stubbed. It was a bit easier to write, fortunately, than the Houston Tower article was.

I just got back from vacation in Philadelphia, and while I was there I was really reminded of Bank of the Southwest Tower by One Liberty Place. Turns out that the never built skyscraper was the major influence of the second and third tallest buildings in Philadelphia among others.

Oh and another thing, to the Administrators, I'm sorry about all the image controversies.

Now I'm going to look through some pages about Houston skyscrapers and add pictures to them.

1. Wells Fargo Plaza Note: I like the logo, but I think that a picture of the building itself would look better in the box. 2. Enterprise Plaza

I think I'll take a break from getting pictures on the internet. I'll get pictures by my own methods.