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Fake Steven Tyler is an Internet phenomenon spawned on the Offical Rock Band Forums. He is similar to fellow internet phenomenon, Chuck Norris in that he has unrealistic, super human abilities. One example is “When Fake Steven Tyler goes ‘YA-KA-KA-KA-KA-KOW!’ an angel loses it’s wings.” Fake Steven Tyler was created when Forum user Elegy noted that on the expert vocal career of Rock Band it is impossible to turn down the in-game vocal track. The title, named Fake Steven Tyler Won’t Stop Singing With Me soon gathered many people who all began to post the super-human feats that Fake Steven Tyler could do in addition to not be muted. Some things stated about Fake Steven Tyler by Rock Band Forum Users: - “Fake Steven Tyler steals one sock out of your laundry every time” - “Fake Steven Tyler puts his garbage in front of your house.” - “Fake Steven Tyler steals your cowbell when needed.” - “Fake Steven Tyler doesn’t dream, and therefore his dreams do not come true.” - “Fake Steven Tyler can out fight Chuck Norris. No joke.” - “We didn’t start the fire. Fake Steven Tyler did.” - “Fake Steven Tyler wastes the women, and rapes the men.” - “It was not Santa Clause that kissed my mom under the mistletoe last night, It was Fake Steven Tyler.” - “Fake Steven Tyler is the thing that goes bump in the night.” - “Fake Steven Tyler never plays rock-paper-scissors. However, he does play rock-paper-scissors-YA KA KA KA KOW” - “Fake Steven Tyler is the one that puts the gum right where you step.”