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Fakelvis is Lloyd (IPA: [lɔɪd]): a friendly, open-minded, slightly obsessive 'technologist'.

I'm interested in general geekery (technological, psychological and cultural). I love to organise, and doing so is my life's work.

As a Brit, I innately prefer tea over coffee. As for animals, cats are better than dogs, and llamas are funnier than meerkats!

From my website you can stalk most of my online activities, but I ask you to be nice.

Lone Gunman—no longer updated—is my archive of Internet miscellanea and esoterica, however I prefer to call it my 'Internet notepad'. I write about psychology, food, films (good and bad), books, photography, personal finance, general geekery, digital rights and wrongs, and—God forbid—politics!

Proudest Wikipedia Moment[edit]

On February 2nd 2008 my photo (see left) appeared on the front page of the English Wikipedia as an accompaniment to that day's featured article.