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Falerin has several meanings:

Falerin is a minor character in certain Arthurian mythologies where he serves as an antagonist who persuades Nimue to betray Merlin. Falerin is particularly featured in the novel Dominion by Fred Saberhagen.

Falerin is a god in the D&D campaign setting known as Caelestia, where he is featured in the Farpoint MUD hosted by the Caelestia IRC network as the "God of Evil".

Falerin is a founder, coder, and administrator of

Falerin is the name of the LoreMaster, the staff member assigned the duty to provide history for the web game AdventureQuest.

Wiki Me[edit]

I am a quasi-irregular wiki editor and edit a variety of topics of which I feel I have some knowledge. Some are of personal interest, others are not. I consider Wikipedia to be an important new medium for the distribution of human knowledge.

Wiki Stances[edit]

For some time I was an Exopedian, however I found that eventually this tactic was very unhelpful in actually accomplishing anything of lasting value here.

I am an Inclusionist in general, but not an indiscriminate one. Many would argue, and I am not particularly inclined to argue against, the idea that I am a Delusionist.