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Quality edits is defined as the following:

  • Mainspace: VP, creation, non-minor, clean up, adding sources and refs, adding quality info
  • Talk:Article discussion about content or ideas, straw poll creation or vote
  • User Page: 50-100 edits, determined at my discression on a case by case basis
  • User talk: warnings, welcome notes, questions related to articles, or invites
  • Wikipedia: all non-minor edits; Wikipedia Talk: most edits to this portion are quality edits
  • Portal: all non-minor edits
  • Portal Talk: anything on topic is a huge boost.
  • Minor edits are nice and helpful, but an admin should be an active editor that makes normal edits daily.


  • Mediation commitee and ArbComm membership helps alot.
  • Esperanza membership for a reasonable amount of time can be a decision maker on close canidates.
  • VP is almost a necessity
  • Admins should be active in Wikiprojects. They should have membership to a few and be making a lot of contributions

Not admin worthy actions[edit]

  • Blocked within the past 3 months
  • subject of an ArbComm case due to behavior
  • WP:CIVIL violations

Article status[edit]

  • Have participated in 5 GAN's
  • Have participated in 10 FAC's
  • Have Voted in 5 FAC's
  • Have written at least 1 article


of which:

  • 2 must be AFD
  • either the canidate should have participated in every deletion debate category, or have 3 in one deletion category other than afd.
  • should have intermediate html and wikimarkup skills