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Hi, welcome to my user page.

I frequently monitor the recent changes and often revert vandalism. If I've made a mistake and reverted a good faith edit please let me know on my talk page.

If I've marked your article for Speedy delete take a look at the page on starting an article.

If you're new to Wikipedia, welcome and take some time to read:

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Article I've done some editing on or cleaned up:

Not edited[edit]

An article I've never edited, which I got to by clicking the wikipedia magic page you haven't edited detector machine link, which can read your mind and determine what page you haven't edited. (hey 2,400,000:1 is pretty good odds against)


Pages that needed to be redirected because of disambiguation issues.


Other stuff[edit]


Wikipedia:TypoScan or WP:TSN

Interesting Reverts[edit]

Most vandalism consists of the addition of one of several common nouns such as variants of the very popular "poo" [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] and "fart". [9] [10] [11] Some more daring "editors" attempt to combine these two nouns in compelling attempts at literary mastery. [12]

Some reverted edits are a bit more elaborate and occasionally funny.

  • The truth about Chuck E. Cheese
  • The secret communication methods of cats
  • Barry Manilow's fans will never know the truth

Interesting Edit summaries[edit]

  • Tell it like they are
  • Huh ???

How not to wikify a page[edit]

Random Images[edit]