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    Juned Ahmad Noor(faranjuned)is born on 02/01/1992 in Bahraich in a Notable family of Bahraich City. his family famous as Choona Wale(Lime Merchant)in hole district Bahraich.He is Great grand son of Haji ShafiUllah Shafi Bahraichi Notable urdu poet of Bahraich. His Shop Bahraich Lime Storesis Famous Shop of Lime And Paints In BAhraich The Bahraich Lime Stores is First Authorized Dealer of Some Notable Paints Companies of India As Asian PaintsSnowcem PaintsShalimar Paints, Bombay Paints Ltd. Garware Paints Ltd. you can connect to Juned Ahmad Noor many website as FacebookTwitterBloggerWordpress