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Hi, I'm an émigré university faculty in walking ghost phase of my researches.

"There are some mistakes only someone with a Ph.D. can make." Daniel Patrick Moynihan

To be noticed[edit]

One can be pope from basement like Pope Michael I, have its own country like Principality of Sealand, pray in Taktshang, believe that Early Middle Ages never happened or Alien Reptiles are dominating the World, be as liberated as Veronica Franco and Howard Baskerville, be officially dead while is still alive like Lal Bihari, have the memory of Daniel Tammet or eyes of a human echolocations, or pray to Saint Guinefort.

On the other hand, it can take a whole world war for one to announce he is not the god!!.

Things people can believe in: Genital retraction, Raëlism, Universe people, Church of God with Signs Following, Family International, The Brethren, House of Yahweh, and more and more...

Plutocracy or plutarchy?

Articles I have started[edit]

Articles I plan to start if no one else does[edit]

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