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I'm not especially active on Wikipedia at present due to outside commitments, but I do check back every so often. I hope to be back to contribute more soon.

Areas of interest[edit]

  • Music performance
    • Drums/percussion
    • Bass guitar
    • Vocals
  • Music technology
    • Recording engineering/mixing
    • Digital signal processing
    • Audio archiving
  • Web design
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • PHP/MySQL
  • General computer monkeyage
  • Caving and cave rescue -- particularly in the following areas:
    • Northern Ireland (Co. Fermanagh, Co. Antrim)
    • Republic of Ireland (Co. Cavan, Co. Clare)
    • Yorkshire Dales
    • Peak District/Derbyshire
    • Mendip Hills/Somerset
  • Geography
    • Geographical features, mostly features relating to caving regions and their hydrology
    • Miscellaneous topics related to Northern Ireland

Created/worked on stubs and articles[edit]

User space[edit]