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I am very committed to accountability, so even before I was confirmed as an Administrator I volunteered to join Wikipedia administrators open to recall. If you think it was inappropriate to make me an admin, or that I'm no longer suitable, I will stand for RfA again.

Conditions and process[edit]

  • Users may request on my talk page that I should stand down.
  • If 3 users in good standing, or 2 admins, request my resignation within any period of 61 days, I will stand down, and submit a new RfA. Rather than set prescriptive criteria here e.g. so many edits in a recent period, I will decide what constitutes good standing, although the main point is to check that they do not seem to be sockpuppets or trolls.
  • I won't submit more than 1 RfA per 3 months.
  • If I refuse a reasonable request, any user may request (link) that my tools be revoked without me volunteering. That way, I cannot simply avoid the recall. Link to this page and a diff showing where I refused. I trust the steward involved to decide whether my refusal was appropriate or not.