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Mohamed Rasheed Mohamed Fazmeer
Fazmeer MBA.jpg
While the MBA graduation Ceremony held on 14th of March 2014 in Japan..
Born (1988-07-05) 5 July 1988 (age 28)
Akurana, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Other names Fazmeer Rasheed
Occupation PosgraduateMBA, Specilization in ITM,@ Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University & Part time Web Designer
Years active 2005-present
Spouse(s) Single
Relatives Naws, Nazlan, Fazly, Rinas (brother(s))

Mohamed Rasheed Mohamed Fazmeer (born 05 July 1988), better known by his stage name Fazmeer Rasheed[1] , is a Muslim . He has completed his postgraduate degree MBA in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University[2] and he has completed his undergraduate in South Eastern University of Sri Lanka in the faculty of Management and commerce. He made his first university entrance on 07th of June 2006. His other professions are creating web modules,Graphic Designing and Video editing. In part of his profession he has been participated in IBDAA Awards which was held on 16th of Nov 2009 in Abu Dhabi,Dubai. While he pursing his bachelor degree in the university he developed a website for his university students in order to motivate students to express/introduce their talents to the world.[3] Reference:


He attended high school Azhar College Akurana, Kandy in January, 1997 and he completed his secondary school education in 2005. And he had been selected to the university [government] with full scholarship in Sri Lanka. He completed his bachelor degree in Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] spc in Accounting. After the graduation he assigned as an Asst. Accountant in an auditing firm and he worked for one year and then he drop his job by April 2011 and joined Azhar College as a Voluntary Teacher for the subjects of Accounting and Mathematics. In march 2012 he left teaching, he offered full scholarship to do Master of Business Administration[MBA] for the major area of Innovation Technology Management[ITM] in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Beppu, Japan.


01. Research on The Impact of Information Technology in Efficiency and Effectiveness of Banking Sector in SriLanka[4]

Published on SEUSLTUBE students website South Easter University of Sri Lanka

South Eastern University of Sri Lanka Oct 6, 2010 Article Link Abstract Summary

The objectives of this study is to identity the impact of information technology in efficiency and effectiveness of the banking sector in Sri Lanka with reference to the peoples Bank and the commercial Bank of Sri Lanka achieve this objective the study has identified special services peroxide by the commercial Bank and peoples Bank how the information technology are affect the functions of the organization activities, what are the difficulties of the banks when introducing new technology

02. Research on Recent Challenges in the education development in Asia Pacific Region

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Dec 6, 2012

Abstract Summary

Nowadays, there is a huge issue that there are serious challenges to the educational development of nearly every country in the Asia-Pacific Region. Among these challenges, the rapid globalization, the tremendous impacts of information technology, the huge transformation towards a knowledge driven economy, the strong demands for societal developments, and the serious international competitions have driven numerous education reforms in the Region.

This research will attempt to identify the prospective challenges in the education development faced by Asia-Pacific region countries, which will be a great contribution to identify core areas problems behind the barrier of the education development of the Asia Pacific Region countries.


01. MBA Research:Critical success factors of E-commerce adoption in Small & Medium scale industry in Sri Lanka

Instructor : Dr.Barai Munim Kumar Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Beppu Japan

Objective of Study

Sri Lanka is one of the developing countries that have begun to utilize Internet since 1998. The widespread use of Internet makes Sri Lanka to appear as a country with the highest percentage of Internet usage in Middle East. The rapid growth of IT in the world puts pressure on Sri Lankan government to make more informed decisions about IT investments. In 2000, the government of Sri Lanka defined the Sri Lanka Information and Communication Development Program (SICDP) to advance IT development in Sri Lankan organizations. This initiative was intended to help Sri Lankan SMEs become more aware about IT improvements, in general and e-commerce, in particular. Doing business with international partners, having access to more national and international customers and becoming familiar with the advantages of using Internet in business processes, all resulted in the advent of e-commerce in Sri Lanka. Also due to regional strategic importance of Sri Lanka in Middle East, using e-commerce will give Sri Lankan SMEs the opportunity of gaining more benefit through its international business.

02. PhD Research: A comparative study on the policies & mechanism of International Trade, Payments and Financial System Reference to Japan and Sri Lanka

Instructor : Dr.Yokoyama Kenji Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Beppu Japan

Objective of Study will be uploaded soon


Website and Modules

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