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Works in Progress[edit]

Washington Irving[edit]

I've done some significant work on the Washington Irving page, and am trying to get it cleaned up enough (in cahoots with Midnightdreary) to merit GA or better. If you can improve the page, please do so.

The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon[edit]

I recently completed a major overhaul on this page, backing in some short summaries, a publishing history, and reviews. Again, if you can contribute, please do so. This is another one that should be a GA status or better, given its prominent place in literature.

Bracebridge Hall and Tales of a Traveller[edit]

Up next, work on each of these short story/essay compilations. The infoboxes are up (still looking for a frontispiece for Bracebridge, if anyone has one) and the basics are in place. Again, anyone looking to kick-start these pieces is welcome to it.