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Requests for permissions[edit]

I grant permissions requests for reviewer, rollback, file mover, confirmed, and autopatrolled. The first two will generally be given to any moderately experienced good faith editor. In practice, this generally means at least 150 edits, no blocks or edit warring, and familiarity with the relevant guidelines. File mover of course requires that the editor have experience with files. Autopatroller is generally granted to editors who have at least 50 qualifying stubs (with none speedily deleted) or 20 full articles. Editors who create unreferenced articles generally will not be given autopatroller. Confirmed will be granted to any editor who presents a reasonable case for it. Additional edits are helpful but not required.

Communication skills are a strong plus for any editor requesting additional rights; borderline cases will be determined by a user's willingness to engage with other editors. Permissions should generally be requested on WP:RFPP, although exceptions will be considered. Editors who easily meet the above guidelines may ask for permissions directly.

Deletion and undeletion[edit]

I will close eligible deletion discussions on request, but please make sure that I have not already participated in the discussion, nor edited the page extensively.

I will provide copies of deleted pages subject to the usual restrictions: no copyright violations, no libel or attack pages, etc.

Page protection[edit]

I will perform protection requests that meet the protection policy, and am especially willing to semi-protect pages in a user's own userspace.


IP addresses that are not clearly shared, and that show a consistent pattern of vandalism for 3 months or more, will be considered static, and treated as would a registered account. That is, I will not consider old warnings to be "stale", and subsequent vandalism may or may not receive a warning before being blocked for up to six months.

IP addresses being used in coordinated attacks will receive short blocks without warning.

If you see that I've blocked an account or IP that has no contributions, it's usually because they tripped an edit filter.

I will not place self-requested blocks.