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Initial Introduction[edit]

Hello. After reading Wikipedia for a few months anonymously I decided to become a member on September 3rd, 2004. Regarding my language templates above, I am a native English speaker and I majored in Japanese in college. I'm currently an "advanced beginner" if you will, having spent some time in Japan where I succeeded in getting around pretty well. Since I'm living and working in Japan right now I'd like to think I could someday reach level 3, "advanced." Fluency seems pretty impossible right now, but hey, who knows after five, ten, fifteen years? I studied some French and German too, but that was back in high school so I don't really consider my ability in either language very noteworthy.

User History[edit]

Joined English Wikipedia: 09-03-04
Joined Japanese Wikipedia: 02-18-06
First edit: Vampire [1] on 09-03-04
500th edit: Sumo [2] on 12-17-04
1000th edit: Talk:Akuma (Street Fighter) [3] created on 05-05-05
1500th edit: Dodge [4] on 01-26-06
2000th edit: Asian mist [5] on 05-04-06
2500th edit: Sonny Chiba [6] on 03-25-07
1000th page edited: James Buchanan
2000th page edited: The Truth about Nanjing
Edits made as of 04-10-08: 2840 of 2038 distinct pages.

Significant Contributions[edit]

These are articles I either created or made significant changes to. I would not go so far as to say the articles have any "special" significance as most of my edits deal with things I know, and I don't know terribly important things.

Akuma (Street Fighter)[edit]

Created the list of games he has appeared in. In theory, I think any article about a video game character should have something like this. So I'm going to start adding them to major characters' articles! If you object, tell me, but I figure if actors and directors can have "filmographies," why not recurring characters in the video game world?


After a visit to this stunning place, I immediately uploaded a photo [7] which I took and created this article (just a stub for now). It was the only one of the Three Views of Japan that did not yet have its own English-language article. For the record, I've now visited all three famous views and all it took was a little luck (and a lot of Yen).

Castlevania characters[edit]

I created the "Assorted Monsters" list, showing how much the series has drawn from pop culture and mythology.

Chuck Palahniuk[edit]

Added a picture [8] which I'm proud of because that's a featured article and it was seen on the main page on January 8, 2005. My photo has been obseleted by a newer, better, in-focus shot but you can still see my image on the page.


Still working on this one. Ideally, I'd like to be more like the SFII article.

Geese Howard[edit]

Following my earlier example (which no one seems to object to) I added a list of games featuring Geese Howard.

Hakuho Sho[edit]

Another sumo stub created by me.

Hirohiko Araki[edit]

Created this article. Only a stub though.

Jidai Matsuri[edit]

Added a photo [9] which I took.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure[edit]

I totally reformatted this article, scrapping nearly everything that was there and began laying out the (very long) story. Other users later stepped up and actually summarized the entire story. A big thanks to everyone who helped out!

Kansai Gaidai University[edit]

Added a picture [10] which I took.

Kansai Telecasting Corporation[edit]

Added a picture of their headquarters in Osaka [11] which I took

Kappa (mythical creature)[edit]

Added a picture of a modern warning sign featuring a kappa [12] which I took.

Kobe Luminarie[edit]

Added a picture [13] which I took.

M. Bison[edit]

Added list of games featuring M. Bison (whom I still consider to be named "Vega").

Miho Hatori[edit]

Added a picture [14] which I took.


Added a photo [15] which I took.

Rhapsody in August[edit]

Created this article. Only a stub though.


Major edit. This movie deserves better!

Shot clock[edit]

Created this article.

Street Fighter II[edit]

Expanded the character section to reflect each game. Made connections to the anime and that awful movie.

Tochiazuma Daisuke[edit]

Created this article. It's a stub, for now.

World Baseball Classic[edit]

I didn't write it but I added a lot of relevant information in the article's infancy. Now that the first tourney has come and gone, the article has grown by leaps and bounds!

Mr. Treason[edit]

Shortly after joining Wikipedia I was threatened by an anonymous user lovingly nicknamed Mr. Treason, who left the following love note:


He came back a few minutes later and said the same thing. I guess that means I've "made it" here at Wikipedia. ^_^

You were not "threatened". I love my job! Don't like that I talk about it here? ...expletives and insulting my mother deleted... Take what I say as a "threat" if you're guilty, I guess. Innocents have nothing to fear from the law! 01:11, 19 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Funny how he claims to be a lawyer but doesn't recognize that he has, in fact, threatened me as stated above. I love the "innocents have nothing to fear from the law" bit, that's classic police state dogma right there. We can just lock everyone up and then let the "innocent" ones go. Of course, it's hard to take anyone seriously when they make fun of my mother. He's been back since then, but I'm no longer humoring him by giving him a forum on my userpage. Sometimes all he does is revert this page to a former version, sometimes he leaves hateful comments. If you want to read everything he's typed, just click on the "history" tab above and you'll see all the past versions of this page. Any anonymous IP contributions are from him. You can even read the steady insults of my mother.

Eventually he stopped editing Wikipedia altogether, or at least abandoned his infamous methods. I guess he found a less destructive hobby.


(okay, Award, singular)

You're cool as a cucumber

I'm presenting you with this cool as a cucumber award for staying cool under provocation from a seriously nasty hard banned user. Theresa Knott (taketh no rest) 13:01, 19 Sep 2004 (UTC)