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Back from a long and much deserved vacation and wikibreak. Ready to get back into the thick of it.

Long time web innovator imparting some--and correcting some--information as I pass through.

Before registration helped write the allofmp3 and click fraud section. Areas of expertise are gaming, Search Engine Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, but there seems to be enough of that here.

Having studied Judaism my entire life, I have taken to correcting some minor mistakes on wikipedia about Jewish Law and Culture.

I also try to do my best by removing obvious SPAM from as many pages as possible.

As a writer with a BA in English who is married to English teacher with a Masters in English, I also run through Wikipedia correcting grammar, syntax and style wherever I see it abused.

Some Credentials: PPCA Blog PPCA Articles PPCU Articles SEW Blog

Update: May 10, 2015 was my 10-year anniversary as a registered Wikipedia editor!

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