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Felix Wan is my real name. You can find me on the Internet [1] on topics about linguistics and languages, especially conlangs, or Chinese culture, or Japanese Animation, or Christianity.

I am a computer professional. I was born and mostly raised in Hong Kong. My early childhood was spent in Japan. Then I was immigrated to the United States of America and live in the greater Los Angeles area. Now, I frequently go to Mainland China, where I may be blocked from accessing Wikipedia.


Most of my edits are small and useful. Occasional significant contributions include:

Plans that may materialize eventually:

Counter Systemic Bias[edit]

Diagram illustrating systemic bias

Wikipedia has a systemic bias caused by the demographic of the editors. It cannot be eliminated but can be mitigated by the conscious effort of fellow wikipedians. That is done by increasing coverage on topics that are important and extensively covered in other encyclopedias but not by suppressing or deleting coverage on topics outside the "ideal".

So I will try to help developing articles in the red area of the diagram, but I do not see any problem with the coverage of Ent or Babylon 5 or other fictional elements as long as they fall into the right places. Wikipedia is not paper. So far, Wikipedia is the best place to find information of geek interest.

WikiProject: Countering systemic bias
This project creates new articles and improves neglected ones.