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en This user is a native speaker of the English language.
de-3 Dieser Benutzer hat sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse.
fr-2 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau intermédiaire en français.
it-2 Questo utente può contribuire con un livello intermedio di italiano.
zh-1 該用戶能以基本中文進行交流。
ja-0 この利用者は日本語分かりません
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C-2 This user is an intermediate C programmer.
py-1 This user is a beginning Python programmer.
Perl-1 This user is a beginner Perl programmer.
This user is a Cantabrigian.
Emma This user studies at Emmanuel College, Cambridge.
This user is a mathematician.
Litecones.png This user is a physicist.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user is a musician.
Note Dsharp7 cord.PNG
This user knows advanced
music theory.
Artist’s view of an exoplanet inspired by the discovery of Gliese 876 d.jpg This user reads science fiction.
^_^ This user watches anime.
abc This user did not lose his or her other wheel
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg This user is from the United Kingdom.
Blank World Map.png
This user has set foot in 8 countries of the world.