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To do
  1. User:Fences and windows · talk
  1. NPP backlog
  2. New pages from a month ago
  3. Untagged deadend pages
  4. Water on Mars. Help editing using this collection and the Czech WP translation
  5. Rewrite Homelessness in popular culture. See Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Homelessness in popular culture
  6. Add images to Category:People_by_nationality (3 subcategories deep). Done Armenia (done Argentine up to J, skipped American people, Some of Australia (Al), skipped rest). Also Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of people and Category:Geography of the United Kingdom (using Geograph)
  7. Hard and soft drugs - in need of improvement/merge debate. Source definitions and uses of terms.
  8. Wound licking - edit to get to Good article status. Put salivary components in a table: User:Fences_and_windows/Wound_licking_table
  9. Clean-up and expand article on Medical journals, Serials crisis, etc.
  10. Expand Name-dropping
  11. Abortion and Ethics of abortion. Source more articles, and include.
  12. Human genetic engineering - needs heavy cleanup
  13. Improve Zoopharmacognosy
  14. Chav - add more on etymology/folk etymologies
  15. Improve Hiccup
  16. Work on Wikipedia:Article incubator/Protest in the United Kingdom. Create Policing of protests? Work on update to Police stop, search, detention and arrest powers in the United Kingdom
  17. Rewrite Scientific imperialism - sources on talk page
  18. Improve German-Libyan relations
  19. Detail Jullu Yadav in main 2008 Mumbai attacks article using info in AfD discussion.
  20. Improve PureVolume using sources on AfD.
  21. Improve Holistic moms network using sources at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Holistic moms network
  22. Improve Human Givens using sources at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Human Givens
  23. Improve Toyetic
  24. Find sources for Urban legends about illegal drugs and improve.
  25. Sort out Brent divisions.
  26. Rewrite Donnie Keshawarz using sources at AfD.
  27. Improve TeeKay-421 using sources at AfD.
  28. Improve Development hell using sources at AfD.
  29. Create Celebrity depictions on South Park using sources at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/List of celebrities on South Park.
  30. Keep improving Multiregional origin of modern humans. Use sources at User:Fences and windows/Multiregional
  31. Improve David Friedman (composer) using Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/David Friedman (composer)
  32. Improve Cyprus–Malta relations using Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Cyprus–Malta relations
  33. Expand Religion and geography stub.
  34. Rewrite and expand Cancer screening
  35. Improve Electromagnetic theories of consciousness using Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Electromagnetic_theories_of_consciousness
  36. Write about fertilisation by proxy in Sperm competition
  37. Deprod list e.g. User:SDPatrolBot/prodResults
  38. Improve Motor control and related articles.
  39. User:Fences and windows/WikiProject After
  40. User:Fences and windows/My thoughts
  41. Viral culture
  42. Marxist Group (Germany), Pundit (expert), Fetish fashion, First class travel
  43. User:Fences and windows/Alien language
  44. Add info about Teggie, a Nessie-like monster, to Bala Lake
  45. User:Fences_and_windows/Dentists'_chair
  46. Create Robin Liss?
  47. Search for "" as a way to find crap.
  48. List of actors considered for the James Bond character
  49. Jay Yadav, see AfD.
  50. Project Enterprise
  51. André de France, see AfD.
  52. David Trosch
  53. Sony BDP-S1
  54. Covisint, see AfD.
  55. Kelly Bell, see AfD.
  56. Alex Roots
  57. GeneMark
  58. Immigrant criminality, see talk.
Australopithecus bahrelghazali
Metropolitan (film)
Cranial capacity
Stratum lucidum
Homo cepranensis
Surveillance abuse
Salice Salentino
Nicotine patch
Al Beeno
Sahelanthropus tchadensis
Focus on the Family
Add Sources
Jamaican cuisine
Paranthropus boisei
Severan dynasty family tree
Indian slavery
Muttahida Qaumi Movement
Homo (genus)
Frost line
The Signpost
29 March 2018

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