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My name is Peter Burger.

Date Of Birth: 19th October,1971 At 03:25 AM EST

About Me[edit]

Peter Burger near Grutas del Rosario (Mapimí, Durango, Mexico).

I Was born at the North York General Hospital (Branson), in North York (which is part of the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada). I have traveled around the world, living and working for a while in London, England and in Torreon, Mexico. I currently live in Toronto, Canada.

In 1997 I attended the University of New Brunswick, where I studied Mechanical Engineering. I left that program after a year to become a commercial pilot. In 1995 I became a private pilot, but in 1998 I attended the Brampton Flight College for my commercial pilot's license. In 2002 I went back to university and studied for a BA in Philosophy at the University of Waterloo (in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada).

Personal Life[edit]

I have a strong interest in philosophy and in history. I wrote a book titled, "Charles Fenerty and His Paper Invention". It is a biography about the Canadian inventor and poet Charles Fenerty. I am currently working on another book that has to do with the heated science and religion argument that seems to be getting a lot of attention these days. I will also appear on a Canadian TV documentary called "Canadian Made". It will air on History Television June 1st, 2012. I will appear in the episode "Foresting", where I will talk about Charles Fenerty. I am currently an English Professor at Iberoamericana University (Mexico), one of Mexico's top universities.

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<gallery> Image:Grade_3_english_torreon_mexico_2009.jpg|Peter Burger teaching grade 3 English class in Torreon, Mexico Image:Grade_4_english_torreon_mexico_2010.jpg|Peter Burger teaching grade 4 English class in Torreon, Mexico Image:Sand_dunes_near_Torreon,_Mexico.jpg|Peter Burger standing in the sand dunes (Dunas de Bilbao @ Viezca, Coahuila, Mexico) Image:Peter_laying_in_sand_dunes_in_Mexico.jpg|Peter Burger laying in the sand dunes (Dunas de Bilbao @ Viezca, Coahuila, Mexico) Image:Peter Burger on the set of Canadian Made.jpg|Peter Burger on the set of Canadian Made