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I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa. I live in Shanghai.

According to The Economist's Style Guide and Strunk & White's The Elements of Style:

  • Use the normal possessive ending 's after names that end in s -- see for example The Economist's Style Guide or Strunk & White's "The Elements of Style"

Capitalise the first letter of the first word and any proper nouns in headings, but leave the rest lower case:

  • Heading capitalisation: see [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style (headings)]]

"important", "vast", "of the utmost importantance", "great":

  • Concision -- see [[Wikipedia:Avoid peacock terms]]

"cannot be stressed...", "It should be noted... ", "It must be noted... "

"obviously", "interestingly", "ironically":

  • Concision -- see [[Wikipedia:Words to avoid]]


  • Wikipedia doesn't give advice: see [[Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not]]


  • Remove link to site that primarily exists to sell products or services: see [[Wikipedia:External_links]]


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