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Greetings! This is the userpage for Fieari.

I'm back from an extended, multi-year wiki-break. I currently edit Wikipedia from a work network which has a fairly comprehensive web-filter installed, so I cannot check all sources during my typical editing times. My editing availability is also a little limited, so please forgive me if I make comments and fail to follow up on them. I'm not deliberately avoiding issues, I'm just sometimes limited in my research time!

Deletion Philosophy Statement[edit]

I'm trying to help with the massive backlog at Articles for Deletion, where I prefer to have a slight inclusionist leaning-- meaning that I try to give every article the benefit of the doubt and look for notability in existing sources that may not be included in the article. I believe that I'm fairly balanced, however, and will frequently !vote for deletion in cases where notability is clearly not there.

Please note that Articles for Deletion is MASSIVELY backlogged, and there just aren't enough hours in the day to go and research every single nomination... it takes far less effort to nominate or vote for deletion than to actually go looking for sources. Worse yet, there are many, many articles being added to Articles for Deletion that simply don't need to be there. The nominator themselves will suggest that the page should be a redirect, which doesn't need an AfD... any user can be WP:BOLD and simply make the page a redirect! If you think doing so might be controversial, there's always the article talk page!

merThis editor is a mergist.

So you could say that I'm a "mergist"... instead of cluttering Articles for Deletion for absolutely everything, consider if a simple redirect might be available instead. I would thank you GREATLY!

As far as "Paid Material" goes, I don't have the same kind of bias against it that other wikipedians have. If someone was paid to add content to Wikipedia, there might be conflict of interest problems, but if done correctly, a professional Wikipedia editor is nothing to chase away. If the article in question is well sourced, and written neutrally, there's no reason to nominate for deletion just because the editor was paid to put it in. And even if there may be neutrality issues, if the article subject is clearly notable, then we can clean it up and remove or reword the statements violating WP:NPOV, and then our encyclopedia is better for it!

Let's improve our Encyclopedia together.


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