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Hello, I am known as Fighting Dreamer on Wikipedia.

Name Origins[edit]

I got the name "Fighting Dreamer" from the song GO!!! by FLOW. I first heard the song in a Flash Naruto movie, then heard it as the 4th opening song to the anime.

Likes & Dislikes[edit]

Including, but not limited to:



For some reason unknown, I don't like the Xbox 360. Don't really know why. So don't ask. Because of this, I only own a Wii and PS3, though my brother has a 360 (more specifically, my old one that I didn't want anymore). Contrary to what the previous sentence may imply, my family and I aren't rich.

Articles Frequently Edited[edit]

I usually edit pages on the following:

  • Anime & Television
  • Video games
  • Toys
  • Manga
  • Music

However, sometimes I will edit other things; for example, I sometimes edit pages on the Sony PSP, especially those about PSP homebrew. I will also fix any grammar or spelling I happen to come across. I despise vandalism, and will always delete it upon sight (once, someone had vandalised the Eragon page, and by the time my slow dial-up connection loaded the edit page, it was already gone!). I usually ask on the talk page before making a big change (or at least make a notice of it).


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