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I'm Filipe Alves Ferreira, born at Lourosa,27 may 1942, StªMaria da Feira-Portugal.My mother Olívia & my father Edmundo both 1907. My sons : Olívia Belén 28 June 1966 and Ivan 17 March 1968.

Engineer from the Neuchâtel University - Switzerland. I'm the author of the 4G3W Economy that maded by the addition of the [1] to the three Classic practices (consumption, savings, investment) of the Classic Economy. Pioneer on the money datevaluation to reach plusvalues in cashkeeping mode. Creator of the Personal Webcashmotor, the personal webdevice for the money datevaluation.

Co-Founder at WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web for the Admnistration of the Datevalors Webjurisperson Registre.

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